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How To Make Youtube Channel In 2024: 5 Steps to a Successful Youtube Channel

How to make youtube channel in 2024

Do you want to create a YouTube channel or want to show your skills to the world, then today we will teach you how to create a YouTube channel in easy ways.

5 Steps To Create A YouTube Channel

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You can create a YouTube channel by following the 5 steps given by us which are as follows:

Select your Category and choose a Unique Name

When you think of creating your own YouTube channel, first choose your category, And you need a unique name for your YouTube channel which can be remembered at once, this will increase the engagement of your channel.

Create a Google Account

If you want to create a YouTube channel, then first you have to create a Google account. Creating a Google account is very easy, you can create it step by step as told by us...

• Open your YouTube 

• Click on profile

• Click on switch account

• Click on add more account

• Click on Create Account

• Enter your name

• Enter your birthday and gender

• Pick a Gmail address or create your own

• Create a Strong Password

• Now your Google account has been created.

When you have created your Google account, then you have to go to your YouTube and login with the same Google account.

Create a Youtube Channel 

To create a YouTube channel, first of all you have to open your YouTube, after that you have to click on the profile, there you will get the option of create a channel, click on it.

After this, create a channel by entering your profile pic and your name along with your handle name.

Now you go to your channel and from there you can manage your videos, playlist, profile etc. And let me tell you that you can also see analytics from here whose option is next to the pencil icon. 

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Add Description & Basic Info

When you have created your YouTube channel, you have to open it, there is a pencil icon, on clicking which you get your description along with other basic options which you can change.

Upload Content

Whenever you open your YouTube, you will find a (+) Icon at the bottom, click on it, from there you can do live stream and can post short video, long video or Community Post Also.

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