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How to earn money from facebook

You guys must be thinking that can we earn $500 daily from Facebook then let me tell you that yes yes you can earn $500 daily from Facebook. So now do you want to earn $500 per day from Facebook, if yes then today we will tell you how to earn $500 per day from Facebook.


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If you want to earn money from Facebook then there are 5 ways in which you have to work hard. Those five ways are as follows.

How To Earn Money By Sharing Links?

You must have shared many links in many platforms, but do you know that you can earn money by sharing links on Facebook. You can share links through post in a normal way, but you have to put the link in such a way that you get commission.

Today there are many such apps/website whose products you get commission for selling. You have to find those apps/websites and earn money by sharing their links on Facebook.We can suggest you the names of 2 apps/websites, Amazon and Flipkart, in which you can earn good commission by selling products. In these apps, you have to create an affiliate account first, after that you can earn money by sharing their products on Facebook.

It is not necessary that you share the link only in posts, you can keep it in your bio as well as in story and message. But do not spam much in the message, only send it to those whom you know. If you do not want to share the link of the product, then you can also share the link of Earning Apps/Websites. So if you find any such app online in which you get commission for sharing, then definitely share it.

And if you have a question, how much can we earn by sharing the link, then tell you there is no limit, you can earn as much traffic as you have.

How To Earn Money By Private Groups?

You people must have created many groups in Facebook till now, but do you know that you can also earn money from private groups. If you do not know how to earn money from private groups then you can read below.By now you must have learned many such skills which you can teach to others. But now you have to teach the same skill to others and earn money.

To earn money from private groups, you must first make a video of the skill you want to show to others, And then create a new group and upload it. Now you can earn money by sending the link of the private group to others who want to learn that skill.Apart from this, you can also put study courses and share their links too. But we did not give the study courses option because today there is more competition in it.

If you are thinking that how much to charge for the skills you will teach or sell the course, So let me tell you first check how is the demand, if it is more then charge more, if it is less then charge less.

How To Earn Money By Sponsorship?

If you have a good number of followers in Facebook, then you can also earn money from sponsorship. But to earn money from sponsorship, you have to take care of some things. Like your profile should be professional, you are not working in multiple niches and you should be consistent etc.

If you take care of all these things then you are ready to earn money from sponsorship. Now you have to add an email address in your profile so that the sponsor can contact you. If you do not get sponsor's mail in a few days, you can manually contact your category sponsor. To contact manually first search the apps/website of your category then contact, This is how you will get sponsorship.

Now you can make video for sponsor and ask for money according to your reach, Means if you get average 5000 views in your Facebook reels then you can charge 200-500$.

How To Earn Money By Monetization?

If you have come here after searching How To Earn Money From Facebook, then you can earn from monetization. But to earn money from monetization, you have to fulfill some criteria.

Let us know what is Criteria?

• You have 10k followers or more

• Your daily visitors should be 250+

• You have live streamed at least 3 times

• Your video must have been watched at least 60000 minutes

If you complete all these criteria on Facebook then you can earn money from Facebook. If you are wondering how much we can earn from Facebook, then tell us according to your reach. Means if your average 1000 views come then you can earn 4-6$ from it.

How To Earn Money By Promoting Others?

Guys, if you have a lot of followers on Facebook, then you can earn money by promoting others. If you are thinking that how to earn money by promoting then tell you, Now a days many new creators are coming who want to grow and all you have to do is promote them and in return they will give you money.

You can promote new creators in many ways, For example, you can promote for some time or you can promote for all time. If you are promoting for some time then charge less and for all time then charge more.Now if your question is how much to charge for promoting new creators, So tell you, the more active followers you have, the more you can charge.

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If you wanted to know how to make money from Facebook $500 per day here, then we have told above. Apart from this, if you have any query, you can feel free to contact us.

So guys, this was all in today's post, if you like it then do share and follow us on social media.

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