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How To Start An Only Fans Without Followers?



How To Start Onlyfans

Have you guys searched online how to start an only fans without followers, If yes, then you have come to the right place, today we will tell you how you can start only fans without followers.

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9 Ways To Start An Only Fans Without Followers

Friends, let us tell you that by following our mentioned strategy, you will be able to compete with big creators in Only Fans. And also tell you that we will not give you any such information which will harm you.

1. Have a Best Category

Whenever you start in only fans, then you have to find such a category in which the competition is less. Plus that traffic is high and you have to take care of demand and supply.

I will tell you how to take care of demand and supply, So you have to go to any browser or social media, go and see what is trending, what people like and that is what you have to do. In his way, by finding out the demand from other social media platforms, you can supply and grow only fans.

2. Setting up successful only fans account

If you have come by searching How To Start Only Fans Without Followers, then tell you, for this you will have to set up your successful only fans account.

You have to take care of the following things to create a successful only fans account :-

You have taken a unique and memorable username

If you have not taken a unique and memorable username, then do this work immediately. And if you do not know how to take a unique username, then tell you that you have to take a brand name.

There is no need to work hard to get your brand name, Because you can make it with your own name like my name is Pranshu Singh and if I made it a prasin then it should be a brand name.

All you have to do is take a short and memorable name of yours. Now whether you make it yourself or take the help of any tool, you have to create a unique name.

Let me tell you that it is also important to take a unique name because when you are famous then you can have a different identity. At the same time, you are told to take such a name that everyone remembers, because later on your fans will know you by this name.

You must have your professional profile pic

If you want to grow in only fans and your profile pic is not cool then you will not be able to grow. Because most people judge you by your profile pic, then you have to make your profile pic cool, for this you can also copy any big player.

Your bio should be eye-catching

You have to keep the bio in your profile in such a way that people like it at a glance, so that your fans can remember you and follow you.

You have to be active in your account

Most people post 1 time in 1 week in their only fans account, but you should not do this, you have to post at least 5-7 posts in 1 week. This will increase the reach of your account and people's trust in you will also increase.

3. Take On Trends

If you are new in only fans, then you follow the trend, you can grow quickly. You will not have much difficulty in following the trend because you can get trending topics from YouTube, Reddit, Instagram and Twitter.

You have to get trending topics from any social media and work on it. Or you can see big creators in Only Fans what they are doing, you can do that too.

4. Engagement With Fans

If you have come by searching how to start only fans without followers, then tell you that you can do it by engaging your fans.

Let me tell you, to engage fans in fans only, you can reply to their comments or give shout outs. Do as much as you can for the fans from your side, this will engage your fans.

5. Collaborate with other small creators

If you are thinking that how to start without followers in only fans, then tell you that you can do this by collabing with small creators of your category. The small creators who are there easily collaborate with you and in this way you can easily grow on only fans.

If you have a doubt that what is a collaboration, then tell you, in this you create content with other creators and mention each other.

6. Promote Your Only Fans Account

If you want to start only in fans without followers, then you can do it by promoting in social media. Before promoting in social media, make sure one thing, you do not have to do spamming and promote with your brand name only.

Well you can do it in all social media, But youtube, reddit, instagram and facebook are platforms with more audience so must promote here.

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7. Be as consistent as possible

Be as consistent as you can be in Only Fans because you have to pay maximum attention to this to start without followers. Because those who are ahead of you and are not consistent, that means they put 2-4 posts in a week, you can beat them by putting 6-7 posts in a week.

We have already told you above that there are many benefits of being consistent. But we made a separate paragraph for this so that if you cannot read it then read it here.

8. Be patient as much as possible

If you want to start only fans without followers and follow all our tips then you will get result 99%. But you have to be patient because the result is not available in 1-2 days, it takes time, so please wait.

9. Invest in a starter kit

If you are serious about growing only in fans, then tell you that you must do it in the starter kit. Because if you work hard in promoting it and there is no quality in it, then you will not get the result.

So if you can invest 40-50$ then take the best equipment as well as take a good camera or camera to make high quality photos or video's.


So guys if you want to start only fans without followers then here we have told you 9 strategies which you can start by following. Friends, if you find the post helpful, then do not forget to share it and follow on other social media platforms.

Thank You So Much!

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