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Earn Money Online By Playing Poker | Learn How To Earn Money Online Without Investment


H(caps)ello guys, if you want to earn money online sitting at home, then today we have Find an app for you from which you can earn more than 1000$ daily. And you will have to invest zero in this app, that means you can become rich very quickly.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment In Poker
How To Earn Money Online Without Investment In Poker

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How To Earn Money By Playing Poker?

Let me tell you that if you really want to earn money then you will not have to just download the app but you will have to learn about it only then you will be able to earn money.

So let us tell you how you can earn money, what is the name of the app and what you will get money for doing.

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This app is Junglee Poker and you can earn more than 1000$ daily by playing free poker tournaments in it, Because there are free tournaments of 32000$ in a month.

Here you get instant withdrawal so that you can send money to your account in the blink of an eye. And here you get a lot of emoji inside the game, along with you can also talk to other players.

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As soon as you download the Junglee Poker app, after that you have to create an account and then you have to verify your documents. After verifying the documents, now go to the home page of the app and from there go to the free tournament section.

How to join poker tournaments

As soon as you go to the free tournament section, you will see a list of some tournaments where there will be free entry, join them. After joining the tournament, now you have to wait for the tournament to start.

As the tournament starts you will be sent to a table and you will be given some coins, By playing with those coins you have to stay till the last of the tournament and you will win. And when you win the tournament, you will get the prize according to your rank, which will be completely transferred to your account.

Let me tell you that this tournament lasts for at least 2 hours but you will enjoy it. Below we have told you how to play poker tournament, you can learn by watching.


If you are hearing the name of poker for the first time or you do not know how to play poker well, then this post will be very helpful for you.

To play poker, first you have to join the table whether it is free or paid. After this you will get 2 cards and 5 cards will come in the middle of the table. Now you have 2 cards called hole cards and you have 5 cards in your table called community cards.

Community cards come in 3 times, the first 3 cards that come are called flops and the cards that come after that are called turn and river. Now you have to make a hand of 5 best cards by combining your hole cards and community cards.

Let us tell you that one more thing is necessary in the table, that is D, SB and BB. Let us tell you that D stands for dealer who deals cards to everyone and after dealer everyone gets chance in clockwise direction, and SB means small blind and BB means big blind. Let me tell you that SB is on the left side of D and BB is on the left side of SB.


1) Royal Flush :- This means that all your cards are of the same suit and the cards from 10 to A are in the same line.

2) Straight Flush :- In this you have to make cards in the same color and in the same line.

3) Four of a kind :- This means that if you get four identical cards and one different card, then four of a kind will be formed.

4) Full house :- Full house is formed when you have three of the same card and two of the same.

5) Flush :- A flush is formed when all your cards are of the same suit.

6) Straight :- A straight is formed when all your cards are in a line.

7) Three of a kind :- Three of a kind is formed when three of your cards are the same and two are different.

8) Two pairs :- Two pairs is formed when all four of your cards are in pairs of two and one is different.

9) Pair :- A pair is formed when you have only one pair of 2 cards, the rest are different.

10) High card :- When nothing works for you then there are high cards.

If you can remember these hands, that's a good thing, otherwise in poker you get hand rankings, which are the best hands you can make.

Poker hand rankings

In this way, you can play poker tournaments through these hands, stay till the last, so that you can earn money.


If you play free tournaments in poker, then here we tell you some pro tips so that you can earn more money today. So the list of pro tips is as follows...

• Try to bluff other players when you play poker

• When you play poker, don't bet too much in small hands in a hurry, wait a bit and good hands will come.

• Even if you have good hands, still try to see the flop or rivers to see if you will win. If you think you have the biggest hand, bet more otherwise fold it.

• One thing you have to remember while playing poker is not to go all in.

• You always play on 2-3 tables simultaneously, this will not make you boring and you will be able to wait for the best hands.

• Show the player in front of you that you do not know how to play.

• If possible, join the same table with two phones, by this you will be able to trap the player in front.

• Never think that you are the best because it will give you overconfidence and you will lose.


When you play poker, you also get some bonus which is for playing cash game, which means you can increase your earning from here. You will get two types of bonuses in poker, first is leaderboard bonus and second is promotion bonus.

Leaderboard Bonuses

To get Leaderboard Bonuses, first of all you have to OPT IN for the BB table in which you want to play, after that whenever you play the game, you are ranked accordingly.

Promotion Bonuses

You do not have to join anywhere to get promotion bonuses, there are rockbacks and other targets to complete. In return of which you are then given a bonus and thus you get extra earning from here.


Do you know that if you invite your friends to play poker, you will get a bonus of up to 100k in return?

Poker Refer And Earn

To invite your friends, you have to go to refer and earn from there directly in WhatsApp or copy the link and send it to your friends. Or when your friend downloads the app from this link or deposits money, you get a bonus in return, this way you can make extra income from here.


If you came online by searching how to play poker or how to earn money online without investment, then here we have told about it. If you have any other problem, you can comment, you can contact us, we will contact you as soon as possible.

So guys, that was all in this post today, if you like the post then do share and follow on social media.

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