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Page Is Not Indexed Url Is Unknown To Google Problem In Google Search Console


Hello friends, if you do blogging then you must have faced Page Is Not Indexed Url Is Unknown To Google problem in post indexing on Google Search Console. Today we are going to solve this problem of Google Search Console, so read the post till the last, from which you will learn all the things.

Url Is Unknown To Google

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How To Solve Page Is Not Indexed Url Is Unknown To Google?

When you create a new site or blog, initially 10-15 blogs get indexed but after that problems start arising. If when you enter the URL of a post in Google Search Console, Google is telling you that the URL is unknown to google, then you have to go back to Blogger and go to your post.

• After going to your post, you have to revert your post to draft.

• Now you will have to change its publish time, you can also set it to automatic.

• And now you have to set the URL of the post custom which you can set anything according to the post.

• Now you publish the post.

After doing all this, copy the link of the post again and submit it in Google Search Console, your post will be discovered. Let me tell you, do not be hasty and be patient, the post will be indexed within 24 hours.

Important Note!

If your post is very old and you have too many backlinks or you want that this backlink should not become useless then follow the steps given below.

• First of all, copy the old link of the post ( If you do not find the old link of the post then look in Google Search Console and you will find it ) and go to Custom Redirect in Blogger's settings and paste it in the top column.

• Now you have to enter the new link of the post in the bottom column of the custom redirect.

• Finally you have to click on permanent and save it.

Is prakar aapke post ki old link ki sari traffic aapke post ki new link me redirect ho jayegi. Guys, that was all in today's post, if you liked the post then share it, otherwise see our other posts, maybe we can be of some use to y


Thank You So Much!

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