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5 Secret Ways To Get 1 Million Views In Instagram Reel

How To Get 1 Million Views On Instagram

If you have already made a reel on Instagram or your reel is not getting 1 million views then read this article till the end, I will tell you such a secret. After which your instagram reel will easily start getting millions of views.

Here we are not going to tell you any third party things that will help you increase views in one click. Whatever you are told here, you can always apply it in your reel or you can get millions of views or it will not make any difference in your account.

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Trending audio plays a big role in making any type of reel viral in Instagram. If you use trending audio on Instagram reel, your reel can go viral very quickly. 

Follow the given steps to use trending audio in Instagram reels...

i) First go to the audio of any reel.

ii) Now on the top side you will find Trending written next to which there will be an arrow mark, click on it.

iii) Now you will get all the trending audios here. Now you can suck any trending audio as per your reel from here.

In this way you can use trending audio and make your Instagram reel viral.


To make a video viral on Instagram, you need more watch time and more watch time comes from reels replays. If you keep the Instagram video to 5-10 seconds or use good effects or edit it with captions, your reel has more chance of getting replays. 

And when replays come and your watch time increases, your video will also go viral. But remember one thing, make your own content and do not copy anyone else's and also keep trying something new, this will maintain your reach.


Hashtags also play a role in making reels viral on Instagram. But this does not mean at all that you can upload any reel and upload it with 10-50 hashtags and the video will go viral. You just have to add 2-4 hashtags and in that you have to create your personal hashtag and upload the video.

Let me tell you, there is no such hashtag which you should always use and all your reels will go viral. But I am giving you 3 hashtags using which if you upload 10-20 reels then your reel can go viral.

i) #more ii) #explore iii) #viral


Timing is very important for any Instagram reel to go viral and let me tell you that there is no fixed time in which the video goes viral after uploading. But if you know who is your target audience then you will find the right time to upload your video.

Like if my target audience is children then I will upload reels on Instagram every day after 4 pm because at that time they are free or there are more chances of coming online. In such a situation, if I upload the video after 4 pm, my video will have a chance of getting more views. In this way, whatever your target audience is, you will have to see when they are online more or at what time you will be uploading regular Instagram reels or at what time your reels will go viral.


Consistency plays a big role in making any type of Instagram reels viral. Even if you do not have good content, you can still make your reels viral with consistency. To maintain consistency, you have to upload only one reel every 24 hours or you will not have to put in much effort for this, you can do this easily.

Due to consistency, I have made many Instagram reels viral in my @theprashuparihar Instagram account, you can check them.


Here we have told you only such things which are important and not everyone tells. So if you really want to grow on Instagram, then apply all the things mentioned by us in your content, you will definitely grow.

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